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The heart of any great audio system

The problem is that separate amplifiers are not typically included in most car audio systems. Instead, they are included inside the stereo head unit, and usually, they are not very good. Adding a quality amplifier to your vehicle’s sound system can give you an overall louder sound without the distortion.

When you add power to an audio signal, the quality will usually improve. An amplifier will improve the dynamic range of your car audio system and send your sound quality skyrocketing. If the sound is distorted at high volume, or you just want eardrum-bleeding LOUD, an amplifier will instantly clarify the sound and get you every decibel out of your speakers and subwoofers. Amplifiers also help to properly power your subwoofer additions.

Some drivers are looking for loud but others are seeking clarity. Many don’t realize that amplifiers are not just for playing loud. Additional power makes the difference between the loudest and quietest layers of music. The same songs you have been listening to for years will suddenly sound richer and crisper with an amplifier. At DSM Auto, we have a variety of product options for every price point that will transform how you enjoy your favorite recording artists and sports broadcasts. When you hear the difference – you won’t be able to hold back that smug smile of content!

When considering an amplifier upgrade, it is important to determine the capability of your system before making a purchase. It is important to consult one of audio specialists at DSM Auto to assure that the amplifier you are considering will work in your vehicle. For example, whether your existing head unit does, or does not, have preamp outlets will determine whether you need an amplifier with pre-amp outputs, or speaker-level outputs.


If you have good speakers and want more sound, you need an amplifier. Amplifiers increase your volume, sound quality and decrease distortion. If you plan on installing a subwoofer, an amplifier is required! These little music makers can make a huge impact on your vehicles overall sound and clarity. Amps can also be moved from car to car, so they are a great investment for music lovers. We carry some of the best amplifiers on the market, ranging from 4 channel amps for mid-range and high frequencies, all the way to big mono-block amps for subwoofers and everything in between. 


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