Tint Law

What is the Legal Tint Darkness Allowed For Passenger Vehicles In Iowa:

  • Front Windshield: Must allow more than 70% of light in.
  • Front seat side windows: up to 70% tint darkness allowed
  • Back seat side windows: Any tint darkness can be used
  • Rear window: Any tint darkness can be used 

Other Iowa Window Tint Rules And Regulations:

Iowa has a few other important things that you will need to consider regarding window tinting and we recommend that you check them out before deciding whether or not you tint your windows:

  • Side Mirrors: No restrictions on side mirrors in Iowa.
  • Window Tint Color Restrictions: All tint colors are allowed in Iowa
  • Certifications: Manufacturers of film are not required to certify the film they sell in the state.
  • Stickers: No sticker to identify legal tinting is required.
  • Medical Exceptions: Iowa used to allow for medical exemptions for tinting windows but since July 2012 they no longer permit darker window tinting due to medical exemptions.


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