We would like you to have some background knowledge on auto glass tinting. Although we use one of the best material films on the market, and do quality workmanship, there are some factors to deal with:



Dust is all around us and is next to impossible to keep out of the air. This also makes it impossible to keep out of the film. We however take every precaution to do so: we are not responsible for any dust that may show up.


Large glass, such as rear windows, might need to be spliced. This means the film must be cut to accommodate the curvature of the glass. This splice can sometimes be seen. It?s a lot nicer when the back glass has defogger lines so the film can be spliced on the lines, making it less visible. If at all possible we will install the film in one piece.


Dot Matrix are small dots the factory puts around the edge of some windows and along the back glass as a visual cosmetic border. These dots are basically bumps on the glass that may cause the film to stick on the dots instead of the window. This will not cause the film to peel, but will seem silver in appearance. This is normal and will not disappear. Once the film dries, it?s sometimes possible to press them down to some degree.



We do accept ATM, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Cash.


We are not responsible for personal items left in the vehicle. We will not warranty any film that has been rubbed, scratched, hit, ECT by rings, jewelry, or any hard objects of any kind. It is also ILLEGAL to tint the front driver, front passenger, and front windshield under California vehicle code 26708-A

P.S. The part about the splicing is just a safety net for the Berettas and mid 90 Cutlass



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