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MyCar connects you by providing an entirely new level of 2-way interaction with your vehicle. The easy-to-use MyCar app interface gives you control to remote start, lock, unlock and locate your vehicle from anywhere just by pushing a button on your smartphone.


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DSM Auto & Tint offers car remote starts and security systems from the industry's top manufacturers.

Remote Start Systems allow your vehicle to start without a key.  Simply press a button on the remote key fob to start your car.  Remote Starters will let you start and stop your cars engine.  Start your car before you leave and let it warm up.  If defrosters and heat are set prior to remote starting, ice and snow can melt away.  Good news, that means no more scrapping ice off our your windshields!
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3X Lock
We can install a remote starter in your vehicle that doesn’t include any new remote controls. To start the engine, you press the lock button on your factory remote three times in quick succession. It’s simple, elegant and easy to use

We offer 3 different ways for control.

Starting at
$350 Installed
Starting at
$250 Installed
Starting at  $400 Installed
One-Way Remote Start
One-way remote starter systems have been around since the beginning. The term “one-way” refers to the communication between your remote control and the vehicle. In simple terms, it means you push a button on your remote control and it “talks” to your remote starter. 
Two-Way Remote Start
Two Way remote start systems talks to the vehicle, and the vehicle talks back to the remote. Imagine this scenario. You press the remote start button. Almost immediately, you get an audible and visible confirmation back to the remote that your vehicle received the command.

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