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The single most important component of a great audio system

The single most important component in a car stereo system besides proper installation is the interior speakers. This is also one of the toughest choices many consumers face due to the complexity of prices, specifications, and sizes available. To simplify the choices, think of speakers as ingredients or spices to a well-cooked meal. Do all apples taste the same? Just because a steak is 10oz, does that mean all steaks are equal in quality?

Believe it or not, all speakers have their own personality and choosing the best speakers for your audio system requires a little more understanding of what you’re looking to accomplish. Do you want pure audiophile sound quality at lower listening levels or do you want to rock out with the windows down cruising down the highway?

Each option is unique and requires specific kinds of speakers to accomplish these goals. So before you choose your next car audio speakers, consult with our team so we can better understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Just because the wattage or price is higher does not mean its the best speaker kit for you.


New speakers can drastically improve the sound in your vehicle. The construction and materials used in aftermarket speakers are far superior to any stock speakers. Stock speakers are usually cheaper to keep the cost of the vehicle down, and result in poor sound quality. At DSM Auto we know how to create awesome sound in a car and it all starts with the speakers. Give us a call to see what speakers would work best in your vehicle.


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