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Adding a subwoofer package to your audio system is one of the best upgrades you can make. From the factory, most vehicle manufacturers have non-existent or poor sounding subwoofers that they include in your vehicle.

This poor quality factory subwoofer system will make your audio system sound boomy, distorted and usually limited in bandwidth to reproduce the sound most customers are looking for.

Believe it or not, a subwoofer plays the least amount of frequencies of any speaker in the audio system but is one of the most critical components in completing the audio spectrum. Sure, some customers will take subwoofers beyond the reasonable volume level, but its true intention is similar to a home theater system, a balanced, smooth, and warm transition from the vocal range to the lower frequencies of the music.

When we tune and design your audio system, your audio experience will come alive and you can finally enjoy the entire audio spectrum like it was intended.


Installing the right subwoofers in the right way is crucial to maximize your sound quality. Projects that entail precision and automotive electronic skill sets, like subwoofers choice and installation, are best left to the audio specialists of DSM Auto.

Some will say that all you have to do is connect a few wires but there is much more to this project. To achieve the bass tones you want is a complex configuration of power, space, enclosure, sensitivity, impedance, and voice coil considerations and adjustments.

Does your neighbor who thinks he can install your sub for you know about those things? Probably not. If you want surging power in every octave of your music, you need an DSM Auto sound expert to unlock the possibilities. Contact us today to find out how we can get your ride fitted with some new subwoofers, because we know “it’s all about that bass!”


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